1. A mature management team that is shareholder conscious and committed to the Company’s scalable business plan with a huge untapped opportunity. 

  2. Focused on Boomer business acquisitions that are successful with a history of performance and profitability with cash flows that may produce Venture Capital returns without Venture Capital start up risks.

  3. A Publicly Traded Company that has Liquidity and Transparency. 

  4. Investors have a chance to diversify their investment by owning many different companies under the LD Holdings umbrella, rather than just a single Company.

  5. Funding sources available as a Public Company that aren’t available to a Private Company allowing the Company to do Private Placements and Public Offerings. 

  6. Publicly traded stock can be used for stock options to structure acquisitions and incentivize managers and employees. 

  7. The Company is in the early stage of development that may allow investors to achieve and benefit from significant returns.

  8. Organic Growth Strategies from existing managers or Young Entrepreneurial Managers giving them the ability to ramp up and scale the companies to increase sales and profits. 

  9. Purchasing companies at 2-3 earnings and finance them for 6-10 times earnings which is the Arbitrage between Public and Private Companies significantly increasing the valuation to these companies and LD Holdings. 

  10. Management practices low cost operations and is shareholder and market conscious totally committed to the growth of the Company and Shareholder Value.